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Be revolutionary and support MercatorNet | MercatorNet | May 23, 2017 |

Be revolutionary and support MercatorNet

| MercatorNet | May 23, 2017 |

Be revolutionary and support MercatorNet

MercatorNet needs your help
Michael Cook | May 23 2017 | comment 

It is with great delight that I inform you of the significant work your support has made possible in recent months.
You may recall that I asked readers to help improve the website’s experience on tablets and mobiles in our last major appeal.
Well, thanks to the generous support of many of our subscribers, we were able to temporarily employ a software engineer to upgrade the website, improve the reader interface, and keep MercatorNet competitive and relevant.
However, there is still much work that needs to be done to continue improving MercatorNet’s editorial content and appearance
Our mission is to preserve the notion of truth, to nourish minds, and to form people and families intellectually, guiding them to a fulfilling life.
With “fake news” spreading like wildfire on the internet, truth is sometimes lost amidst digital smoke and mirrors.
That famous question, “what is truth?” asked by Pontius Pilate is as relevant as ever. Please help MercatorNet defend the truth by making a donation today.
Your support will help us find writers committed to disseminating the truths that a healthy and civilised culture needs.
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Please give generously and promote truth in our culture today.
Editor, MercatorNet
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May 23, 2017

It has happened again. Blood everywhere and bodies of innocent people on the ground. As we send out today’s issue, police in the UK city of Manchester have confirmed that there are 22 dead after an attack by a suicide bomber. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility, but this remains to be confirmed.
The atrocity took place in the centre of the city, just as a concert with American pop star Ariana Grande was winding down. Most of the dead will probably be young people and children.
Did the Islamic State choose this site to send a cryptic message? Twenty-one years ago, in June 1996, the IRA detonated a much larger bomb which blew the heart out of the centre of the city. Because the IRA had phoned in a warning, the area was evacuated in time and no one was killed. But the blast did half a billion pounds of damage (US$650 million).
Manchester recovered from that attack and it will recover from today’s atrocity as well. But they are reminders – as if we needed them – that progress and prosperity have not, and cannot, eliminate our capacity for evil.  

Michael Cook 

Be revolutionary and support MercatorNet
By Michael Cook
MercatorNet needs your help
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