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Ivanhoe's First to Know for 05/29/2017


It’s only the size of a pea, but the pituitary gland is so important it’s often called the body’s master gland. So when it doesn’t work right, big problems arise

Surgeons have used gamma knife technology for years during delicate brain surgeries. But a new version of the knife is extending the therapy to patients who have had very few options, until now

Orthopedic surgery that allows doctors to personalize their patients’ parts

We’ll tell you why it may be more common today than a generation ago.

Every 43 seconds someone has a heart attack in the US. We have some expert advice on mistakes to avoid during recovery

Summer Camps at ClearOne
Orlando, Florida!  Kids 6 to 18 
Pickleball, Badminton and Ping Pong
Call 407 730 3596 or
to reserve a spot!

Smart Living for this week:

Aphasia: Loss of Language​

Surprising Signs of PAD

Quote of the week:

“When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become president. I'm beginning to believe it.” 

— Clarence Darrow

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