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Pump Up the Volume: “Priming Agents” May Improve Cancer Liquid Biopsies Using two different techniques, researchers showed they could temporarily boost ctDNA levels in the blood of mice with tumors. With more ctDNA in collected blood draws, a liquid biopsy could better detect cancer, the research team found.

A Potential New Way to Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: Trapping Excess Zinc Posted on February 22nd, 2024 by Dr. Monica M. Bertagnolli Hearing loss is a pervasive problem, affecting one in eight people aged 12 and up in the U.S. While hearing loss has multiple causes, an important one for millions of people is exposure to loud noises, which can lead to gradual hearing loss, or people can lose their hearing all at once. The only methods used to prevent noise-induced hearing loss today are avoiding loud noises altogether or wearing earplugs or other protective devices during loud activities. But findings from an intriguing new NIH-supported study exploring the underlying causes of this form of hearing loss suggest it may be possible to protect hearing in a different way: with treatments targeting excess and damaging levels of zinc in the inner ear.

Bypassing the blood-brain barrier to improve brain tumor diagnosis

Bypassing the blood-brain barrier to improve brain tumor diagnosis: Bypassing the blood-brain barrier to improve brain tumor diagnosis

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An almost perfect storm 'TODAY' weather and feature anchor Al Roker describes his recent battle with blood clots

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