jueves, 25 de mayo de 2017

CDC Feature: Salmonella and Eggs

Food Safety Masthead

CDC Feature: Salmonella and Eggs

Summer picnics mean deviled eggs, homemade ice cream and other treats made with eggs. CDC’s feature shares simple tips to handle and prepare food made with eggs while reducing the chance of food poisoning from Salmonella. Also available in Spanish.

CDC Feature: Keeping Backyard Poultry

Owning backyard chickens and other poultry can be a great experience. However, backyard flock owners and especially children can get sick if they don’t follow proper precautions, as shown by the record number of Salmonella infections linked to backyard flocks in 2016. CDC’s feature shares simple tips to handle and care for backyard flocks while reducing the chance of Salmonella illness. Also available in Spanish.

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