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CDC - About the Preventing Infections in Cancer Patients Program

CDC - About the Preventing Infections in Cancer Patients Program

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About the Program

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Studies show that 10% of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment end up hospitalized due to infection, and every two hours a patient dies from this complication. Because of the nature of their illness, great attention to infection prevention is warranted in the care of cancer patients.
Preventing Infections in Cancer Patients is a comprehensive program focused on providing information, action steps, and tools to help reduce the risk of developing potentially life-threatening infections during chemotherapy treatment. Through the program, CDC developed the following tools—


Dunbar A, Tai E, Nielsen DB, Shropshire S, Richardson LC. Preventing infections during cancer treatment. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing 2014;18(4):426–431.

Program Materials

CDC produced materials to help promote awareness about the importance of preventing infections in cancer patients. The fact sheet is intended for patients and caregivers. The posters can be placed in patient waiting areas, staff lounges, emergency rooms, and anywhere that patients and health care providers might view them. Selected materials can be ordered in limited quantities.

Strategies for Improving Infection Control During Cancer Care is a continuing education course for providers who care for patients undergoing cancer treatment.


Preventing Infections Health Tip Sheets

Other Materials

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