viernes, 27 de enero de 2017

Targets | CDC Winnable Battles Final Report | CDC

Targets | CDC Winnable Battles Final Report | CDC


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The Winnable Battle targets are ambitious yet achievable, evidence-based, and specific to the priorities and opportunities within each of the Winnable Battles health areas.
This dashboard gives a snapshot of each indicator by comparing recent data trends to the 2015 Winnable Battle targets.
 Icon: Red CircleRed Circle = Did not make significant progress or did not reach 2015 target
 Icon: Yellow SquareYellow Rectangle = Some progress made, but slowly or target was not reached
 Icon: Green TriangleGreen Triangle = On track to reach 2015 target, but final data not available
 Icon: Green CheckmarkGreen Checkmark = Exceeded 2015 target

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