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Take Time to Care Program > College Women's Health

Take Time to Care Program > College Women's Health

u s food and drug administration

womens health alert - fda office of womens health

College eNews: Winter Edition

As you plan your activities for the spring semester, look to us for free resources to help you empower students to make healthy decisions. Throughout the year, we will continue to keep you updated on safety alerts, hot topics and new FDA resources for you to share with your campus community. 

Tips for a Healthy New Year

With classes and campus activities back in full swing, it is easy for students to forget their health. Help college women start healthy habits early in the year with these 4 tips.

Cervical Health Resources

Did you know that at least 50% of people who have had sex will have HPV at some time in their lives. While some kinds of HPV do not cause health problems, other kinds of HPV may cause problems like genital warts. Teach your campus community about HPV facts, prevention and treatment.

College Women Social Media Kit

Meet students where they are. Use the College Women’s Social Media Kit for sample messages to use on your social media accounts, blogs and newsletters. 

Bipolar Disorder and Treatments

College can be tough for many students; especially those having to navigate college with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Learn the facts about bipolar disorder and the treatments people can take to help manage symptoms.

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