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Overview | The Conference Forum

Overview | The Conference Forum
Patients as Partners Europe

We are delighted to bring the Patients as Partners US event to Europe. We would like to thank our European attendees at the US conference for challenging and encouraging us to bring the conference to Europe. The goal of creating patient centricity as the ecosystem within pharma can not be achieved without patient involvement.
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Patients as Partners Europe is accredited by Patients Included and addresses what matters most to patients to enable them to support clinical research:
  1. Understanding and incorporating the patient’s voice in designing clinical trials and developing a clinical endpoint
  2. Vastly improving the patient’s entire experience in a clinical trial
  3. Empowering the patient in the new medicines development process
Patients as Partners EU is co-produced with patients, industry, academia, government and nonprofit organizations to establish a well-rounded program that addresses the needs of all stakeholders seeking to implement and advance patient involvement across the entire clinical development continuum.
Each session seeks to put ideas into action and must demonstrate the what, where, when and how behind the topic. For example when addressing the topic of  “How to Incorporate patient Insights in Clinical Research”, the speaker representing AstraZeneca will show the planning, process and tools used to obtain the patient insights. They will also demonstrate how these insights were used to co-create solutions with patients and measure the impact of those initiatives.
Additionally, over 10 sessions have at least one confirmed patient speaker to ensure the patient perspective is represented for the topic at hand.
Dr Lode Dewulf, UCB, led a discussion at the 2016 Patients as Partners US conference.
Dr Tony Hoos, Amgen Europe, led a Keynote Panel at the 2016 Patients as Partners US conference.
Marleen Kaatee, EUPATI Training Graduate, Founder & President, PSC Patients Europe, led a talk on EUPATI’s Training Initiative for Patients.

-Patient Involvement Toolbox: How Does it Work? –

  • The conference room is set up in rounds for easier interaction and each table is provided with a paper “Tool-Box” and an assortment of specially designed materials to help capture ideas.
  • Each session concludes with a list of key take-aways presented from the session representative.
  • At the end of each session, time is specifically allotted to organize ideas.
  • During the breaks and lunch ideas are also shared around the room at designated areas.
  • Result: Each attendee will walk away with a toolbox full of ideas that will support their patient involvement initiatives.

– Patient Q&A Platform –

Patients will be given first opportunity to address their questions to the speaking faculty to ensure their voice and concerns are addressed.

– “Ask the Patient” Program –

PrintWe are pleased to bring “Ask the Patient” to Patients as Partners EU, a program representing a group of individuals who’ve experienced a clinical trial. These patients, our Medical Heroes, will be at Patients as Partners EU to answer questions about their clinical trial experience. It is a great opportunity to learn about the realities of a clinical trial directly from the patient’s point of view. They will have a badge identifying their participation and will be available throughout the conference. We will also have an area in the exhibit hall to meet them during breaks.

– Who Will Benefit From Patients as Partners Europe? –

Patient Organizations / Advocacy Groups:
  • Patients
  • Directors
  • Presidents/Vice Presidents
  • Patient Liaisons
Pharma R&D:
  • Chief Patient Officers
  • Patient Retention
  • Patient Engagement
  • Patient Recruitment/Enrollment
  • Medical/Clinical Affairs
  • Clinical Innovation
  • Trial Optimization
  • Clinical Design
  • Clinical Operations
  • CMOs
  • Clinical Site Services
  • Clinical Study Coordinator
  • Clinical Study Investigators
  • Clinical Research Associate/Clinical Site Monitor
  • Medical Science Liaison
  • Data Capture and Data Management (and Data Collection)
  • Clinical Research and Translational Medicine
  • Patient Recruitment, Retention and Engagement
  • Government agency representatives working with patient advocacy
From Patient Service Providers:
  • CROs
  • Sites
  • Institutional Review Boards
  • Patient Recruitment firms
  • Patient Mobile App solutions
  • Patient software solutions
  • Patient payment systems
  • Point of Care Lab products for patients
  • Clinical Trial Material companies
  • EMR companies
A special thanks to our advisors for their unwavering guidance and expertise in helping us with the research to craft an in-depth agenda that puts the “discussion” around patient involvement into action across the entire clinical development continuum.

Kate Woda

Conference Director
Valerie Bowling New

Valerie Bowling

Executive Director

Meredith Sands

Executive Director, Business Development

Michelle CuskellyMarketing Associate

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