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CDC - Skin Cancer Awareness Feature

CDC - Skin Cancer Awareness Feature

Featured Resources

Tanned Skin Is Not Healthy Skin posterOur “Tanned Skin Is Not Healthy Skin” poster explains that every time you tan, you increase your risk of melanoma.
Preventing Skin Cancer podcast
Two people talk about how they’ve learned to protect their skin from the sun in this podcast.
You can have fun and prevent skin cancer, too.
Men are more likely than anybody else to get skin cancer, but there are easy ways to protect yourself.
Protect All the Skin You’re In infographicThis infographic explains how to use a layered approach to protect all the skin you’re in.
A photo of Sharon McKenna enjoying a sunny day“I learned the hard way: a tan is not a sign of health,” writes melanoma survivor Sharon McKenna.
Protect Your Family and Yourself from Skin Cancer fact sheetOur skin cancer prevention fact sheets list strategies for parents, teachers, employers, and parks and recreation staff.
Kidtastics logoIn the “Sun Proof” podcast, the Kidtastics talk about the harmful effects of the sun and how to protect yourself.
Skin cancer quiz
Test your knowledge about skin cancer with this simple quiz!
Schools Can Help Prevent Skin CancerSchools can help protect students from skin cancer. Read CDC’s tips.

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