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Native Americans with Diabetes: CDC Vitalsigns Report

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Native Americans with Diabetes

Native Americans
with Diabetes

Better diabetes care can decrease kidney failure

Native Americans with Diabetes Facsheet

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Native Americans (American Indians and Alaska Natives) have a greater chance of having diabetes than any other US racial group. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, a costly condition that requires dialysis or kidney transplant for survival. Kidney failure can be delayed or prevented by controlling blood pressure and blood sugar and by taking medicines that protect the kidneys. Good diabetes care includes regular kidney testing and education about kidney disease and treatment.
Kidney failure from diabetes among Native Americans was the highest of any race. However, this has declined the fastest since the Indian Health Service (IHS) began using population health and team-based approaches to diabetes and kidney care, a potential model for other populations.
Key points include:
  • Native Americans are twice as likely as whites to have diabetes.
  • In about 2 out of 3 Native Americans with kidney failure, diabetes is the cause.
  • Kidney failure from diabetes dropped by 54% in Native Americans between 1996 and 2013.

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