viernes, 20 de abril de 2018

Your Support Today Powers Progress toward a Cure

Parkinson's Awareness Month

Dear Friend, 

Each person's journey with Parkinson's is different, but everyone impacted by the disease shares the common goal of advancing a cure. Whether you choose to fundraise with Team Fox, advocate for policy that makes a difference for people with Parkinson's or participate in clinical research, you are a crucial part of progress toward that goal.

At The Michael J. Fox Foundation, we are building on field-wide momentum to speed urgently needed Parkinson's breakthroughs. We take risks other funders can't -- or won't -- in order to push the most promising therapies forward. This year, we've got our sights on putting $100 million to work across our research programs. And with your support, we can turn today's progress into tomorrow's treatments -- and ultimately a cure. 


This Parkinson's Awareness Month, join us

Thank you, 
The Entire MJFF Team 

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