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Now Available! BE Active: Connecting Routes + Destinations

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  Now Available!  BE Active: Connecting Routes + Destinations
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is pleased to share a new package of products called BE Active: Connecting Routes + Destinations. These products support the recent Community Guide recommendation related to promoting and increasing physical activity in communities.
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The Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends built environment approaches that combine improvements in activity-friendly routes with one or more interventions related to everyday destinations.The following three products aim to guide implementation of this recommendation to help build more activity-friendly communities:
  • An Implementation Resource Guidecategorized by suggested action steps that compiles and organizes resources to implement the new recommendation.
  • Visual Guide that displays how combining these approaches might actually look in a community setting.
  • Real-World Examples of how urban and rural locations across the country have implemented this recommendation – from small-scale built environment changes to more complex, community-wide changes.
Learn more through CDC’s physical activity page and check out our recent publication on deaths attributed to inadequate physical activity.  We hope you will share these new products with your colleagues and any others who may be interested.
Please feel free to share the messages below on your social media channels.
Sample Messages: 
  • NEW resource guide to help implement built environment recommendations in your community is now available! Get it here: #BEActive
  • If they can #BEActive, so can you! Check out these communities across the country that have connected activity-friendly routes to everyday destinations.
  • What might built environment changes look like in your community? Check out our visual guide for a bird’s eye view. #BEActive
  • This just in: Check out our latest products that support Community Guide recommendations related to promoting and increasing #physicalactivity in communities. #BEActive

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