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New technologies

New technologies

Review series: New technologies

Written by renowned experts in the field, this collection of open access Review articles explores the use of RNA sequencing, cytometry, metabolomics and next-generation DNA sequencing in rheumatic disease.

New technologies

This series of articles has not been sponsored. All articles have undergone the journal’s standard peer review process. The Editors-in-Chief declare no competing interests.
  1. Content Type:Review

    Chronic peripheral inflammation in diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis leads to alterations in central pain processing and consequently to mood disorders resulting from sensitization within the central nervo...
    Authors:Marina Sergeeva, Jürgen Rech, Georg Schett and Andreas Hess
    Citation:Arthritis Research & Therapy 2015 17:268
    Published on: 
  2. Content Type:Review

    Fatigue is a frequent symptom in several inflammatory diseases, particularly in rheumatic diseases. Elements of disease activity and cognitive and behavior aspects have been reported as causes of fatigue in pa...
    Authors:Karine Louati and Francis Berenbaum
    Citation:Arthritis Research & Therapy 2015 17:254
    Published on: 
  3. Content Type:Review

    Studying the factors that control gene expression is of substantial importance for rheumatic diseases with poorly understood etiopathogenesis. In the past, gene expression microarrays have been used to measure...
    Authors:Eugenia G Giannopoulou, Olivier Elemento and Lionel B Ivashkiv
    Citation:Arthritis Research & Therapy 2015 17:167
    Published on: 
  4. Content Type:Review

    The development of biomarkers for autoimmune diseases has been hampered by a lack of understanding of disease etiopathogenesis and of the mechanisms underlying the induction and maintenance of inflammation, wh...
    Authors:Nitya Nair, Henrik E Mei, Shih-Yu Chen, Matthew Hale, Garry P Nolan, Holden T Maecker, Mark Genovese, C Garrison Fathman and Chan C Whiting
    Citation:Arthritis Research & Therapy 2015 17:127
    Published on: 
  5. Content Type:Review

    B cells are central players in multiple autoimmune rheumatic diseases as a result of the imbalance between pathogenic and protective B-cell functions, which are presumably mediated by distinct populations. Yet...
    Authors:Chungwen Wei, Scott Jenks and Iñaki Sanz
    Citation:Arthritis Research & Therapy 2015 17:46
    Published on: 
  6. Content Type:Review

    Cancer cells have long been known to fuel their pathogenic growth habits by sustaining a high glycolytic flux, first described almost 90 years ago as the so-called Warburg effect. Immune cells utilize a simila...
    Authors:Zhen Yang, Eric L Matteson, Jörg J Goronzy and Cornelia M Weyand
    Citation:Arthritis Research & Therapy 2015 17:29
    Published on: 

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