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Neurology and Neuroscience Open Access Research

Neurology and Neuroscience Open Access Research

BMC blogs on the brain

  • Dr. Xu Zhang unveils the mist of pain

    Dr. Xu Zhang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences delves into the physical and psychological burden of pain that has drawn the attention of dedicated scientists. Read more
  • Exploring sleep problems in children with developmental disabilities

    The Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders explores the different types of disorder groups and their impact on the various symptoms of disturbed sleep in children. Read more
  • Dr. Tianzi Jiang introduces the Brainnetome Atlas

    Director and coordinator of the Brainnetome Atlas, Dr. Tianzi Jiang explains this latest cornerstone of basic neuroscience and clinical research. Read more
  • Social inequality, scientific inequality and the future of mental illness

    Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine explores the failures in psychiatry, the concept of disease in mental health, research funding, and socioeconomic inequality. Read more

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