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NCEZID 2017: Our Year in Numbers | What We Do | NCEZID | CDC

NCEZID 2017: Our Year in Numbers | What We Do | NCEZID | CDC

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 NCEZID 2017: Our Year in Numbers
NCEZID: Our Year in Numbers infographic

NCEZID 2017: Our Year in Numbers

CDC has been described as the eyes and ears for our country when it comes to public health. This report describes the work of the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID)—the part of CDC charged with focusing on emerging diseases and diseases that are spread between animals and people.
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3 Major hurricanes

needing NCEZID response to health issues associated with mold, unclean water, and infection control in hospitals

11 Workshops

NCEZID conducted One Health Zoonotic Disease Prioritization Workshops in 2017 to help countries focus resources on diseases of greatest concern

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23 Epi Aids

in FY 2017 (NCEZID disease detectives sent to help with domestic and global outbreaks or other urgent health crises)

50th Anniversary of CDC’s quarantine program

NCEZID personnel support 20 Quarantine stations at ports of entry and land-border crossings where international travelers arrive

>200 Cases

of fungal superbug Candida auris responded to since first US cases were found in 2016

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>1,100 Illnesses

(Salmonella infections) associated with backyard flocks, the most ever recorded by CDC in one year

>2,400 Rare and emerging

infectious diseases cataloged in MicrobeNet database and accessible to labs around the world


Antibiotic Resistance Lab Network tests guided efforts to contain resistant infections and their spread

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~44,900 DNA samples

sequenced in 2017 using Advanced Molecular Detection technologies

~205K Zika tests performed

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270K Deaths

caused by sepsis in US each year; in 2017, CDC launched a new national initiative to identify and treat sepsis early

$300 Million

Amount CDC awarded to states and US territories to combat antibiotic resistance, Zika, and other infectious diseases

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