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Introducing the Cancer Genome Interpreter - On Medicine

Introducing the Cancer Genome Interpreter - On Medicine

Dr. N. Lopez-Bigas, Dr. C. Rubio-Perez, A. Gonzalez-Perez & D. Tamborero

Dr. Nuria Lopez-Bigas is ICREA Research Professor at Institute for Research in Biomedicine Barcelona (IRB) and associate professor at the University Pompeu Fabra. She leads the Barcelona Biomedical Genomics Lab. The group combines strong expertise in biology and bioinformatics to the study cancer from a genomics perspective.

Dr. Carlota Rubio-Perez did her PhD at the Biomedical Genomics Lab (IRB Barcelona), and she has recently started as a Post-Doctoral researcher at Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology. She is interested in cancer development by studying the tumor genome, transcriptome and microenvironment.

Abel Gonzalez-Perez is a biochemist with a PhD in Bioinformatics. He has worked as a postdoc in cancer genomics within Dr. Lopez-Bigas lab for several years. He is currently a Ramon y Cajal fellow and a Research Associate within the lab.

David Tamborero is an engineer with a PhD in Medicine. He has done research in cancer genomics in Dr. Lopez-Bigas lab for several years. He is particularly interested in helping bridging the gap between the scientific research and the oncology clinical setting.

Introducing the Cancer Genome Interpreter

Cancer Genome Interpreter (CGI) is an open platform designed to support the identification of tumor alterations that drive the disease and detect those that may be therapeutically actionable. In a Genome Medicine article, and in this blog, scientists behind the CGI provide insight into how it was developed and its benefits for researchers.

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