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Improving Sleep: A guide to a good night's rest KRtest - Harvard Health

Improving Sleep: A guide to a good night's rest KRtest - Harvard Health

Harvard Health Publications

Harvard Medical School experts reveal:

Secrets to a great night’s sleep

Improving Sleep
Inside Improving Sleep, you’ll discover:
Facts about sleep and how it helps your health
Simple ways to stop snoring
Must-know dangers of too little sleep
Help for sleep apnea — other than a CPAP machine
Treatments for insomnia
And so much more!
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Getting enough sleep is as important for your body as eating right, exercising, and practicing good dental hygiene. That’s because lack of sleep not only makes it harder for you to get through the day, it is also linked to all kinds of health problems — from diabetes to increasing blood pressure to weight gain and increased risk for a heart attack. Inadequate sleep even makes it more likely that you'll catch a cold.
To help you get the rest you need, Harvard Medical School experts created Improving Sleep: A guide to a good night’s rest. This fascinating report reveals:
  • How the different stages of sleep help your body
  • Proven ways to fight insomnia
  • Health problems that may be making it tough to sleep
  • The type of sleep that helps restore alertness
  • The best treatments for snoring and sleep apnea
  • How to wake up feeling refreshed
  • And more!
Click here now to discover how to sleep better to lower your risk of health problems, plus learn important facts about sleep, such as:
  • The best treatment for insomnia — no medication needed
  • The hormone that naturally induces drowsiness
  • The sleep stage when your mind puts memories into long-term storage
  • Home-based tests that can help determine if you have sleep apnea (much less stressful than hospital testing)
  • Why dropping just a little weight can help you stop snoring
Plus you’ll get a Special Bonus Section at no extra cost — Practical tips for sounder sleep — that explains:
  • Why you should never exercise within two hours of bedtime
  • When you need a nap — and when it’s a bad idea
  • Why reading from a backlit electronic device at night is a no-no
  • Comforting bedtime rituals that can help lull you to sleep
  • A technique that helps battle insomnia
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Howard E. LeWine, M.D.
Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

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