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AtlasPlus | Features | CDC

AtlasPlus | Features | CDC

Graphic: Explore CDC's Atlas Plus

CDC’s NCHHSTP AtlasPlus is an online resource which can be used by policy makers, prevention staff, government personnel, and the general public. This online tool allows users to create customized tables, maps, and other graphics with the most current CDC surveillance data on HIV, viral hepatitis, STDs and TB.
On January 26, an updated and enhanced AtlasPlus was launched.
This update includes:
  • Easy, quick access to the latest diagnoses data, by county, state, or U.S. total;
  • The most recent data for HIV, STDs, TB, and hepatitis;
  • Side-by-side maps or charts, for 2 diseases, 2 race/ethnicity groups, or 2 age groups;
  • Mobile access with faster and cleaner desktop data displays;
  • New charting capabilities:
    • Line graphs by year
    • Pie charts for sex
    • Bar charts for age, race/ethnicity, transmission category (HIV), country of birth (TB)
    • Bar charts for state and county
  • Upgraded and more intuitive table functions to build tables based on the exact subset of data wanted.
With AtlasPlus, users can gain a deeper understanding of trends in diagnoses and see how diseases are affecting specific communities. This resource can help tailor programs and interventions by highlighting which populations are in greatest need. Overlapping epidemics can be viewed quickly and common or divergent trends can be seen easily.
AtlasPlus gives you access. It is:
  • Convenient: you can get the data when you want – all with a few clicks.
  • Quick: you don’t have to rely on someone else to compile and send you data.
  • Easy: you don’t need to sift through pages of surveillance reports.
  • Visual: you can see trends through line graphs, tables, and maps.
  • Social: adding the AtlasPlus button to your website makes it even easier to access and share this powerful tool.
Please visit the new NCHHSTP AtlasPlus website for more information on this update and upcoming webinars.
Screenshot of AtlasPlus Tool

Easily view trends in the new AtlasPlus application.

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