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Health Communication Science Digest | Gateway to Health Communication | CDC

Health Communication Science Digest | Gateway to Health Communication | CDC

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Health Communication Science Digest

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Moving science-based knowledge into application is recognized as a top priority to achieve and enhance public health impact. Science-based knowledge that can inform health communication practice emerges from diverse disciplinary areas (e.g., advertising, communication, epidemiology, marketing, psychology). The diversity of resources and the high volume of publications in these areas create significant challenges for those wishing to follow the scientific literature in health communication and marketing.
To address this challenge, the Science Team in the Office of the Associate Director for Communication created Health Communication Science Digest(HCSD). The HCSD series is designed to enhance awareness of emerging health communication and marketing scientific knowledge by providing you easy access to recently published articles and reports with particular relevance for the public health communication community.
Abstracts and PDF copies of most articles are available through the DOI hyperlink included with each citation. In some cases, however, the DOI hyperlink will not work or the publisher charges for the article. The help of your local library staff may be required in such circumstances to secure access to some publications.
We hope that you find the Health Communication Science Digest useful and will provide us with feedback for improvement. Please send your comments and questions to

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