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Health Communication Science Digest | Gateway to Health Communication | CDC

Health Communication Science Digest | Gateway to Health Communication | CDC

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The August issue of Health Communication Science Digest (HCSD or Digest) is now available at
This month, the Digest contains reviews on many different topics. Limited integration of theory in mHealth (Bull and Ezeanochie), evidence for mobile and Web 2.0 interventions for weight management (Bardus et al.), identification of needs in the area of Spanish-Language health IT interventions (Chaet et al.), paucity of evaluations in global social marketing interventions (Firestone et al.), the impact of food risk/benefits communication interventions (Frewer et al.) are some of the interesting findings reported in these reviews.
Articles that explore in different contexts the concept of threat appeals (Carey and Sarma; Richards et al.) are also included in the Digest. More specifically, two studies add to the growing literature investigating the use of graphic images in antismoking messages by examining the question from different perspectives (Bigman et al., Kessels et al.).
Health information seeking (and avoidance) is also a popular topic in this month’s Digest (Howell et al., Jiang and Street, Kobayashi and Smith, Lee and Hawkins, Perez et al.).
Articles in the Digest also cover several other topics. Barbrook-Johnson et al., present the uses of “agent-based modeling” in a public health crisis; Blitstein et al., report on a social marketing campaign on nutrition; and Holliday et al., assess the ability of a tool to identify opinion leaders.
In addition, articles on how online peer-to-peer conversations shape the effects of a message (Robbins and Niederdeppe), and factors influencing expertise in and credibility of online health information (Thon and Jucks) wrap up this month’s Digest.
Please remember that you can access all issues of the “Health Communication Science Digest” series online via the searchable Health Communication Science Digest Archive.
We hope that you find the Health Communication Science Digest useful and invite you to provide us with feedback for improvement. Please send us articles that you would like to share with others—articles you or your colleagues have published or found useful.
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Health Communication Science Digest 2016

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