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EPARs - NeoRecormon/Epoetin beta

FICHA FARMACOLÓGICA de epoetin beta. Contiene la Monografía en distintos idiomas (de la Comunidad Económica Europea), así como la discusión científica que sustenta su aprobación terapéutica. Para acceder a la monografía en idioma español, hacer doble clik en la sigla (es) en la fila que se sitúa más abajo del centro de la página oficial. Cerasale. Marzo 18, 2009.

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EPARs for authorised medicinal products for human use - NeoRecormon

Active Substance
Epoetin beta
International Nonproprietary Name or Common Name
Epoetin beta
Pharmaco-therapeutic Group
ATC Code

Therapeutic Indication:
Treatment of symptomatic anaemia associated with chronic renal failure (CRF) in adult and paediatric patients.

- Treatment of symptomatic anaemia in adult patients with non-myeloid malignancies receiving chemotherapy.

- Increasing the yield of autologous blood from patients in a pre-donation programme.

Its use in this indication must be balanced against the reported increased risk of thromboembolic events. Treatment should only be given to patients with moderate anaemia (Hb 10 13 g/dl [6.21 8.07 mmol/l], no iron deficiency) if blood conserving procedures are not available or insufficient when the scheduled major elective surgery requires a large volume of blood (4 or more units of blood for females or 5 or more units for males).

Date of issue of Marketing Authorisation valid throughout the European Union
16 July 1997

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