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Public Health Genomics Knowledge Base

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Last Posted: Apr-08-2016 1PM
From Precision Medicine to Precision Public Health
Dr Muin Khoury's presentation slide set and podcast at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, April 4, 2016
(Time Posted: Apr-08-2016 1PM)
Precision Public Health
Frontiers online journals, research topic
(Time Posted: Mar-01-2016 5PM)
Public Health Grand Rounds with Sue Desmond-Hellmann
Video presentation on Precision Public Health, Aspen Institute
(Time Posted: Mar-01-2016 5PM)

More information on this topic

CDC Resources with and image of DNA
Discoveries & Insights with three images of laboratory settings
Epidemiology with an image of a crowd of people with a double helix
Translational Research with two images of people talking to a genetic counselor and an image of a hand with wrapped sequecing around it
Evidence Synthesis with an image of sequencing and a double helix
Practice & Implementation with images of people taking to a doctor and a nurse examining a child

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