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New: Access Diabetes Data on Any Device

New: Access Diabetes Data on Any Device


New App Brings Diabetes Data into Clear View

Diabetes atlas

Introducing the new Diabetes State Atlas, an interactive web application that lets users instantly visualize state data and trends. A first of its kind for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the app’s graphic features make complex information more understandable and accessible. New 2014 data have also been included, giving users the most up-to-date information to work with. 
You can easily customize maps, charts, and data tables to display trends by age, sex, and education. New data heat maps present a visual summary of data and time periods, providing an instant snapshot of changes across all states.  
Now it’s much simpler to view diabetes prevalence, monitor trends, identify high-risk groups, and track progress. Users can easily switch between map, bar chart, and heat map, all without getting too far into the numbers (unless they want to). All are downloadable, too. 
What’s more, the Diabetes State Atlas works seamlessly on any device, from desktop to tablet to smartphone, for the best interactive experience wherever users are. With a minimum of scrolling, pages look great and function correctly regardless of screen size and orientation. 
“The atlas is designed so that surveillance data are at your fingertips, no matter what device you’re using,” said Linda Geiss, surveillance lead in CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation. “You can see your state’s diabetes data and how your state compares to other states with just a few clicks.”

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