lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016

Let’s Continue Working to be “United for Patient Safety

Let’s Continue Working to be “United for Patient Safety

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Dear MHS patient safety champions,
Thank you for joining DoD PSP in celebrating Patient Safety Awareness Week last week. We hope you’ve learned several ways to continue demonstrating your commitment to be “United for Patient Safety”. We encourage you to practice what you have learned as you come into contact with health care providers or patients.
Being “United for Patient Safety” is about implementing the tips we’ve shared with you and other simple, straightforward practices. Together, we are working toward effective patient and family engagement because an informed and engaged patient leads to safer care and better outcomes.
To continue to be engaged, visit the DoD PSP website at: ( for information and tips on all aspects of patient safety. Keep in contact with us by subscribing to the DoD PSP eBulletin at (

Finally, visit our Facebook page at ( for regular updates, resources, and links.
Please do not forget to tell us about your team’s activities
Have questions or comments about PSAW or the DoD Patient Safety Program? Email us at:

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