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BMC Medical Genomics | Home page


BMC Medical Genomics

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Get credit for your data

Are you holding on to data that you've not yet published? You can get recognition for it by publishing a data note in BMC Research Notes.
DNA Analysis

Featured article: The impact of genomic testing on health behaviors

There is an open debate about the effects of personal genomic testing on personal changes related to health behaviors. This study shows that, independently from the results obtained, personal genomic testing may positively affect behavioral changes in diet and exercise.
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Featured collection: Translation in healthcare

 This article collection emerges from the ‘Translation in Healthcare: Exploring the Impact of Emerging Technologies’ conference 2015 hosted by the Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX) at the University of Oxford. Here a wide range of voices were brought together to discuss and think more deeply about the technological, legal, ethical, and social challenges raised by new technologies in healthcare.


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