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BMC Immunology | Home page

BMC Immunology | Home page


BMC Immunology

Call for Papers: Cancer Immunotherapy and Vaccines

BMC Immunology is currently accepting manuscripts to the new thematic series “Cancer Immunotherapy and Vaccines”.
The purpose of this thematic series is to bring together the latest advances in both biological and computational research, looking broadly at the basic biological aspects of immunotherapy, emerging immunotherapies (both prophylactic and preventive) and different vaccination approaches.
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Featured article: Fighting cancer with the immune system

Studies have shown the immune system has the potential to remove tumor cells in a patient’s body. This article describes a method for generating antitumor  cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs)  specific for the epitopes of the HER2/neu tumor-associated antigen. These CTLs are then shown to have a pronounced cytotoxic effect on tumor cells expressing the HER2/neu marker.
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