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CDC - Cancer Resources to Share

CDC - Cancer Resources to Share

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC twenty four seven. Saving Lives, Protecting People

Resources to Share

CDC offers scientifically accurate information about cancer in a variety of formats, including many in Spanish.
  • Videos: CDC’s YouTube channel has a variety of cancer-related videos.
  • Podcasts: You can listen to these audio files on your computer now, or download them and listen to them later. Many are offered in short and long versions.
  • Printed publications: You can download and print brochures, fact sheets, and posters, and order copies of selected publications.
  • Infographics: These graphics present important information in a simple way with pictures and text.
  • Web features: These pages provide an overview of cancer topics that are appropriate for the season or support a health observance.
  • Web buttons and banners: You can copy and paste the code to display these images on your Web site, social network profile, or blog.
  • Twitter: You can follow our full Twitter feed and view collections about specific kinds of cancer, our tweets in Spanish, and our latest research. You can also share our tweets with others by embedding them on your Web site.
  • Health e-cards: These electronic greeting cards are a fun way to remind your friends and family members to take care of their health.

Other Resources

We also offer resources in other areas of the site—

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