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AHRQ Seeks Nominations of PCOR Findings To Disseminate and Implement in Practice | Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

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AHRQ Seeks Nominations of PCOR Findings To Disseminate and Implement in Practice

AHRQ invites you to nominate patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) findings that have been shown to improve health outcomes but need further investment to achieve widespread adoption. This new process of nominating findings is open to all, regardless of who funded the initial research. Nominated findings must be peer reviewed and have been shown to improve outcomes for patients. Nominated findings should compare the impact of two or more preventive, diagnostic, treatment or health care delivery approaches on health outcomes, focusing on those that are meaningful to patients. AHRQ will assess nominations according to the quality of the evidence, potential impact on health outcomes and feasibility of implementation. We will also consider alignment with AHRQ and Department of Health and Human Services priorities when selecting the most promising PCOR findings to implement. Based on AHRQ’s assessment of nominations submitted, the agency will then consider them for potential dissemination and implementation activities. Read a new AHRQ Views blog post by AHRQ Deputy Director Sharon B. Arnold, Ph.D., on the importance of this initiative. Email ahrqimplements@ahrq.hhs.gov for more information. 
AHRQ Dissemination and Implementation Initiative Demonstrates Ongoing Importance of PCOR | Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

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