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blog.aids.gov − National HIV Testing Day 2016: Digital Communication Tools

blog.aids.gov − National HIV Testing Day 2016: Digital Communication Tools

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NHTD 2016 - aidsgov logo - not croppedDigital tools have transformed the ways we share HIV messages. Each HIV/AIDS observance day is an opportunity to use those tools to encourage individuals to know their HIV status and stay healthy.
For National HIV Testing Day 2016 – June 27th – we want to draw attention to several digital communication tools that can support your HIV messaging and outreach:
HIV Services Locator
With the AIDS.gov HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator you can find an HIV test and so much more, including services for mental health, substance abuse, housing, family planning, etc. Our mobile app is available for use with clients. This video Exit Disclaimer explains how the Locator app works. Your NHTD plans could include adding the Locator widget to your website.
AIDS.gov will share several personal stories as “Tips for NHTD” on our channels (Facebook Exit Disclaimer,  Twitter Exit Disclaimer,  Instagram Exit Disclaimer, and Pinterest Exit Disclaimer. ) We hope you will put these images on your website and social media platforms to promote HIV testing. And don’t miss CDC’s social media images and graphics for NHTD.
NHTD can be a time to share stories about HIV. Positive Spin is a series of stories and videos that address the importance of knowing one’s HIV status and getting and staying in care.  If you’re planning a local event or talking with family and friends, Positive Spin can help you foster conversation about knowing your status and connecting to care. The facilitator’s guidecan help you use the videos in events at NHTD and beyond. And we encourage you to check out CDC’s Doing It campaign videos.
NHTD Resource Page
The AIDS.gov NHTD page curates Federal digital resources such as the logo and fact sheets, resources, downloads, and other materials.  We also link to community resources and campaigns, such as the Greater Than AIDS NHTD resources Exit Disclaimer and videos Exit Disclaimer.
HIV Basics
The AIDS.gov website’s HIV Basics section offers information on risk behaviors and can help you find out where you can take an HIV test. For individuals who are newly diagnosed with HIV, we offer information on steps to getting into care. For those who are on HIV treatment, we explain how you can stay healthy while in treatment.
More Federal Digital Resources
CDC provides a wide array of HIV-prevention resources in its Doing It campaign. Have you watched any of the Doing It videos or added the campaign banner or graphics to your digital presence? CDC has many resources about NHTD and HIV prevention within its National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention site. Don’t miss this NHTD resource page or the Things You Can Do for NHTD list.
Join the NHTD Conversation
The hashtag to join conversations on social media is simply #NHTD Exit Disclaimer.  AIDS.gov and other Federal programs will communicate on many social channels.  Find AIDS.gov on:
CDC will host a #NHTDChat Twitter chat on June 23 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm EDT.  And there’s aThunderclap for NHTD Exit Disclaimer that you can join and share on social media.
The AIDS.gov blog will share more about National HIV Testing Day 2016. Please subscribe to the blog and follow our awareness day posts.
Learn about your #NHTD digital communication tools
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