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Call for Images of NIH Funded Research | National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Call for Images of NIH Funded Research | National Institutes of Health (NIH)

National Institutes of Health (NIH) - Turning Discovery into Health

Call for Images of NIH Funded Research

Bead trophoblastsBead trophoblastsCoyne Lab, University of Pittsburgh
Coronavirus spikeCoronavirus spikeDavid Veesler, University of Washington
KaleidoscopeKaleidoscopeAdam Brown and David Biron, University of Chicago
NIH is currently requesting images from the extramural community that highlight scientific research made possible by NIH funding.
Chosen images will be posted to the NIH Image Gallery on Flickr(link is external) in the Funded Research(link is external) album and will be considered free to reuse if appropriate credit is given.
The NIH Image Gallery is a resource for news media, educational institutions and the general public. The gallery averages 5,000 views per day. Through the sharing of images, NIH hopes to distribute educational information, increase public outreach, and expand awareness of the important work being done by NIH-funded researchers.
Examples of content types appropriate for this image call:
  • Scientific images
  • Lab research
  • Clinical research

Submission requirements:

Please submit your images with caption and credit to by May 16, 2016 at 11:59 pm. Submissions must include the following criteria:
  • Image title
    • Descriptive title not to exceed more then 50 characters
  • Image description (caption)
    • A detailed description of what is depicted in the image and how this relates to the larger research goal of your grant. Not to exceed 120 words.
  • Credit information
    • Complete details regarding who should receive image credit [researcher(s), lab, institution, etc.] Please also include which institute or center at NIH funds your grant.
  • Grant number
    • NIH Grant number related to the research depicted in the image
  • High resolution format
    • Images must be submitted as high resolution jpg or png digital files (at least 1024 pixels tall or wide, and file size of at least 1 MB)
Files that do not meet the criteria will not be considered for posting.
Each individual or lab may submit up to three images.
Please do not include logos, watermarks or other overlays on the submitted image(s).
All questions regarding image submissions should be sent to sends e-mail).
We will notify you via email by June 1, 2016, if your image has been chosen to display in the gallery.


By submitting a photo to this image call you:
  • Declare that you own the image and it is your original work (or submitted with permission of the owner).
  • Agree to allow NIH to post the image on its online gallery where the image will be free to reuse by the public (with credit given as requested by submitter).
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