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EHS Spotlight: Prevention Status Reports, MAHC Network Webinar, JEH Column, Rodent Control Program Profiles, Food Infographic, AGE on Cruise Ships, PACE EH Blog

EHS Spotlight:

CDC's Prevention Status Reports,
MAHC Network Webinar, 
JEH Column: CDC's Drought Guidance,
Rodent Control Program Profiles, 
Preventing Foodborne Illness Infographic, 
MMWR: Acute Gastroenteritis Illness on Cruise Ships, 
Blog: Community Environmental Health Activism with PACE EH

Foodworker preparing ready to eat foods

New CDC Report Highlights State Food Safety Practices

CDC’s Prevention Status Reports are hot off the press! These reports highlight the status of state public health policies and practices designed to impact important public health issues, including food safety. 
Read the reports and check out the new food safety indicator on state adoption of selected foodborne disease-related provisions from the 2013 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code.
cover of the MAHC

Interested in the Model Aquatic Health Code?

Join our introductory MAHC Network webinar 
on March 15th at 1:00-2:00PM EDT
Please join this community of state and local MAHC users, subject matter experts, and those seeking implementation support. These bimonthly webinars will feature brief MAHC updates and an environmental health professional’s experience using MAHC, including their challenges, successes, and next steps. March's webinar speaker is Eugene Knight, New Mexico's Swimming Pool Program Manager.
Register Here

screen shot of JEH column

CDC’s Drought Guidance: Your Public Health Resource for Understanding and Preparing for Drought in Your Community

Are drought issues affecting your community, or could they affect your community in the future? In this column, Martin Kalis and Elaine Curtiss discuss how CDC’s drought guidance, When Every Drop Counts, can help you understand how drought may impact public health in your community and how to prepare for it. This article was published in the March 2016 issue of the Journal of Environmental Health.

rodent inspection

Rodent Control Program Profiles

Read these profiles describing best practices, challenges, and technical assistance needs of local rodent control programs (produced in collaboration with the National Association of County and City Health Officials).

NCEH Foodborne Illness Infographic

Preventing Foodborne Illness Infographic

Download our new infographic to learn how we help prevent foodborne illness outbreaks by understanding the environmental factors contributing to them. Note: This infographic has been revised to clarify and improve one of the graphics.

Acute Gastroenteritis Illness on Cruise Ships

The rate of acute gastroenteritis (AGE) illness on cruise ships has decreased over time, yet people often associate cruise ships with these illnesses. Read more from CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program in a new MMWR article or on VSP’s companion webpage.

Community Environmental Health Activism in South Gate, Los Angeles County, CA

Recently, the community of South Gate, California, used the Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health to identify environmental health issues and take action to address them. This blog post discusses the outcome of this assessment and how the local community is responding.

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