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CDC - NIOSH Science Blog – Pi at Work

CDC - NIOSH Science Blog – Pi at Work

Pi at Work

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PiDAYIt’s Pi Day.  Do you use π  (3.14) in the course of your work? If so, please tell us how in the comment section below.
You are probably aware that the traditional way to celebrate this holiday, which also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday, is by eating pie.  As you enjoy your delicious desert know that the workers who bake these treats can face hazards in their workplaces.  See related blogs on hazards to doughnut bakers and hazards to workers in  food manufacturing. And, if you have a cup of coffee with your pie, know that coffee roasters also face new respiratory hazards.

We may be stretching a bit trying to find a workplace angle for Pi Day.  We know it’s out there– we just need your help finding it.

Frank Hearl, PE, is the NIOSH Economics Program Manager and the Chief of Staff in the NIOSH Office of the Director.

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