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2 Words, 2 Years, 5 Posts You Need to Read | Office on Women's Health Blog

2 Words, 2 Years, 5 Posts You Need to Read | Office on Women's Health Blog

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2 Words, 2 Years, 5 Posts You Need to Read

Women's health. Two words, so many topics. Of course, everyone is passionate about different issues. That's why we try to discuss many subjects on the OWH Blog, often through the voice of a woman who has a deep and personal connection to that topic. It's been two years since we launched our blog, and to celebrate our anniversary, I want to share five of my favorite posts and why I think every woman should read them.

That's Why I Call It Crazy Love

Woman with black eye.

"I wish someone had told me that at first, you feel like he's the best thing that ever
happened to you.... But then he quickly, often without you noticing, gets possessive 
and controlling," writes Leslie Morgan Steiner, a domestic violence survivor and author. 
Leslie shares the things she wished she'd known before she started dating her abusive 
ex–husband, reminding us that interpersonal violence can happen to anyone and it's 
never the victim's fault.

Say "No" to Holiday Stress

Sad dog wrapped in Christmas tree lights.

The holiday season is almost upon us — a time of year that's often full of stressors. 
So what's Beth Collins Sharp's gift to you? A guide to a less stressful holiday season! 
In her post, Beth offers her advice for making the holidays more restful and enjoyable. 
She's here to remind us that the world won't end if you decide not to make your 
famous gingerbread cookies.

Things I Wish I'd Known When I Was Younger

Woman running on pavement.

Ever written a letter to your younger self? Well, this is mine for every 20–something 
through 50–something woman. It's all the things I wish I'd known about taking care of 
myself over the years. Fortunately, it's never too late to start practicing these valuable 
life lessons and healthy habits. Life is all about the process.

Everything You Should Know About HPV — From One 

of the 80% of Women Who Will Have It

Chelsey Delaney

Human papillomavirus, more commonly known as HPV, is the most common 
sexually transmitted infection in the United States. In most cases, HPV goes away 
on its own. But when it doesn't, it can cause health problems like cancers and 
genital warts. Chelsey Delaney shares what life is like with HPV and what she 
thinks you should know.

What It Feels Like When a Woman Has a Heart Attack

Woman experiencing sharp upper body pain in the neck, back, and jaw.

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States, but a heart attack 
may not always be so easy to spot. That's why all women need to know the most common 
symptoms of a heart attack. Recognizing the symptoms and acting quickly can help save 
your life. Read my post to help you learn the signs of a heart attack.
Thanks for making the first two years of the OWH blog a success! Our goal is to help you
lead a healthier, happier life. If there's a topic you'd like us to cover, tweet at us: @womenshealth.

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