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How One Boy Inspired Millions in Fundraising | FoxFlash September 2016


Funded in part by MJFF, a recent study from Stanford University identified a potential common mechanism behind both genetic and sporadic cases of Parkinson's disease. Read more about this new piece of the Parkinson's puzzle.
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Blood Pressure and Parkinson's:
What's the Connection?
Hear expert discussion, and ask questions in our Third Thursdays Webinar series.
October 20 at 12 p.m. ET
New Dyskinesia Drug Will Be Submitted for FDA Review This Year
The involuntary, "smooth tic" movements of dyskinesia are a side effect of long-term use of levodopa -- the gold standard medication for PD motor symptoms. A new formulation to better treat levodopa-induced dyskinesia is moving one step closer to patients.
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PD Researcher

Jake and Friends
How One Boy Inspired Millions of Dollars for Research
At age 10, Jake Silverman was diagnosed with dystonia -- a relatively unknown movement disorder related to PD. Learn how the Silverman family has partnered with Team Fox to increase dystonia awareness and speed research.
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Working with Your Doctor to Choose Parkinson's Medications
As you navigate Parkinson's, medication needs and symptoms may change, so it's important to share your daily experiences while at the doctor's office. Listen to a podcast that discusses the importance of a partnership between doctors and patients in creating medication regimens.
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Help Us Improve the MJFF Website
Whether you're living with Parkinson's or caring for someone who is, it's important to us that when you visit our website, you can easily find the topics that matter to you. Help us better understand how you use our online resources via this anonymous survey. When you complete the survey, you'll also have the chance to enter a drawing to win an autographed book by Michael J. Fox.
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