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Editor-in-Chief: Steven Lipshultz (USA)
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We are pleased to announce that Cardio-Oncology has published its first articles. We hope these articles, and our journal launch podcast on Cardio-Oncology, are of interest and that you will consider submitting your manuscript to the journal.
Inaugural articles & launch podcast
An Invitation from the Editors of Cardio-Oncology
Steven E. Lipshultz, Giorgio Minotti, Joseph Carver, Vivian I. Franco
Cardiac Safety of Afatinib: A Review of Data From Clinical Trials
Michael S Ewer, Kalpesh Patel, Dennis O’Brien, Robert M Lorence
Effect of myocardial dysfunction in Cardiac Morbidity and All Cause Mortality in Childhood Cancer Subjects treated with Anthracycline Therapy
Olga H Toro-Salazar, Eileen Gillan, Joanna Ferranti, Andrea Orsey, et al.
Low Dose Radiation and Circulatory Diseases: A Brief Narrative Review
Mark P. Little, Steven E Lipshultz
Cardio-oncology, how cancer treatments affect the heart

Journal aims & scope
Cardio-Oncology aims to advance the science and practice of this emerging field to find a balance between oncologic efficacy and reducing adverse cardiovascular effects through timely publication and dissemination of peer-reviewed research. As an open access, online journal Cardio-Oncology provides a high visibility platform for the publication of original research and expert reviews on the cardiovascular effects of cancer treatment.
Why publish with us?
-Only journal dedicated to this emerging field
-Expert international Editorial Board
-Fast, high quality peer review service
-Rapid publication upon acceptance
-Highest possible global visibility for your research

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