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7 things people want to change about themselves the most

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Make resolutions that will help you reach your goals and enjoy healthier, happier living!

Learn how you can make the changes that will bring you greater wellness, vitality, contentment, and peace of mind.

Simple Changes, Big Rewards
In Simple Changes, Big Rewards, you’ll discover...
Insights and ideas for avoiding common obstacles to change
42 different steps that add to your prospects for success
How to turn a setback into a plus in the process of change
7 tips to help you create changes that last a lifetime
How to select your first goal (the choice may surprise you!)
A month-by-month calendar for tracking your progress
How friends, family, andsocial media can boost your commitment
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We all have "want to's." They're those changes we know we should make — changes that will make a lasting and beneficial difference in our lives.
Whether it's shedding those 20 extra pounds, sticking to an exercise routine, lessening daily stress, eating healthier, maintaining a positive outlook, or getting finances under control — we struggle to attain those goals. Despite our best intentions, we often fail.
This Special Health Report will show you how to overcome obstacles and achieve meaningful changes by taking incremental steps that will lead you to ultimate success.
Simple Changes, Big Rewards is the "how-to" for your "want to's." It will help you discover that a richer, healthier life is well within bounds. You will learn how to initiate change and steadily advance to your goals while sidestepping common impediments and setbacks.
Doctors have long known the impact that day-to-day choices have on an individual's long-term health and resistance to life-shortening illnesses, as well as their vitality, mental outlook, and happiness. Simple Changes, Big Rewards shows how, with sensible, practical steps, you can replace old habits with new ones and how you can make elusive goals an attained reality.
Simple Changes, Big Rewards highlights small changes you can make across seven spectra to enhance your health and life: sticking to exercise, eating healthier, losing weight more effectively, easing stress, controlling finances, harnessing the power of positive psychology, and nipping unhealthy habits in the bud.
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Guided by the report, you will make choices month by month that appeal to you. For each of the seven goals, you will be introduced to six simple changes that act as stepping stones to move you forward. By breaking down the goal into manageable steps, you will build in successes that will reward you along the way and propel you forward.
For your health, happiness, and the satisfaction that comes with accomplishment, letSimple Changes, Big Rewards be your springboard for change. Order your copy today!
To your good health,
Gregory D. Curfman, M.D.
Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publications

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