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Why you need a living will—now

Harvard Health Publications

Living Wills
Within the pages of the guide, you’ll discover...
Explanations of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, do-not-resuscitate orders, and other medical procedures
Reasons why you want to avoid absolute instructions in a living will
Which is more important: a living will or a health care proxy?
Tips for being a health care agent
5 often-overlooked steps that make advance directives more effective
What happens if you don’t choose an agent or have a living will
And much more!
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“She wouldn’t have wanted that...” You have probably heard that said. And more than once.
When someone is hospitalized, too sick, confused, or injured to voice his or her wishes, decisions still must be made. Who makes them? Who would make them for you? Have you taken steps to make sure that your wishes will be recognized and respected?
Advance directives such as a health care power of attorney (proxy) and a living will are essential to assuring that you receive the treatment you want for yourself if you can't communicate your wishes. They also protect your loved ones from futile expense, distressing uncertainty, or painful disagreement.
This Special Health Report will show you how to create advance directives that reflect your wishes. You will learn why naming a health care proxy is so important (possibly more important than a living will) and discover the six questions you should answer before selecting the person who will be your voice.
Living Wills is an instructive guide for assessing your end-of-life concerns and for determining what measures you want taken — or not taken. It offers welcome guidance for discussing the subject with your loved ones, especially the person you choose to be your health care agent.

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Plus, a special section contains the forms for a legally-binding Health Care Power of Attorney and a generic Living Will. Also included are worksheets for considering and specifying your wishes under different scenarios, your goals for intervention, your preferences for comfort care  and more.
It’s your life story; make sure that the final chapter is written the way you want. Don’t put it off any longer. Order your copy of Living Wills today.
To your good health,
Gregory D. Curfman, M.D.
Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publications

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