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Public Health Emergency Weekly Report

Public Health Emergency Weekly Report

Public Health Emergency.  Resilient People. Healthy Communities.  A Nation Prepared.

From the ASPR Blog:  Protecting Our Community 

From the Flu While Practicing Our Response Plans

MRC volunteers distribute vaccines at a drive thru clinic.

How can your county provide a convenient, drive thru vaccination clinic, 
engage volunteers and test its response plan? See how the Onondaga County
Health Department worked with their local MRC unit to combine all three in 
to one event!  Learn More >>

National Influenza Vaccination Week. December 6-12, 2015.  Have you gotten your flu vaccine?

National Influenza Vaccination Week:  Take the Pledge

Take the CDC Flu Vaccination Pledge for the 2015-2016 season!
If you haven’t gotten your flu vaccine yet, now’s the time! The single best
way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated each year. Everyone 6
months and older should get vaccinated.  As long as flu viruses are
spreading, it’s not too late to get vaccinated.
 Learn More >>

N95 surgical mask

HHS funds development of high-speed manufacturing 

for N95 respirators

During a an influenza pandemic, health care workers and patient
caregivers would rely on N95 respirators, a kind of face mask, to
prevent the spread of disease. HHS is funding the development of
high-speed manufacturing for N95 respirators to provide for greater
surge capacity and rapid availability in the event of a pandemic.
 Learn More >>

Abstract image of building mental health

From the ASPR Blog:  Including Mental Health 

Resilience in your Disaster Plan

Did you know that the ACA can help you be healthier and more resilient?
It helps by ensuring all of your healthcare needs, including your mental
health care needs, are taken care of. Make sure you have comprehensive
healthcare that includes mental health, or enroll in a plan that does during
Open Season.  You will be taking important steps to improve your personal
preparedness and build your foundation of individual resilience.
Learn More >>

YouTube:  Elizabeth Cipus. Cultural competency matters during disasters

Watch, Listen and Learn:  Elizabeth Cipus talks 

about cultural competency skills

Elizabeth Cipus, a future health professional, studies cultural competency
which helps provide effective care.  It's a skill that we use in disasters
and every day.  Check out her story as she explains why she studies
cultural competency and how it helps her community. Learn More >>

MRC volunteer helping someone in a wheelchair

Is your disaster planning inclusive?  

Learn how your community can better meet the needs of people with
access and functional needs when disaster strikes.  This collection
of fact sheets, videos and other resources can help your community
think through some key issues related to the unique needs of people
with access and functional needs.  Learn More >>

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