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New Images from NCI Visuals Online: Mastectomy, Modified Radical, Male || Surgery, Breast-Conserving, Male || Surgery, Breast-Sparing, Female - Spanish

New Images from NCI Visuals Online

National Cancer Institute


Modified radical mastectomy. The drawing on the left 

shows the removal of the breast, most or all of the lymph 

nodes under the arm, the lining over the chest muscles and 

sometimes part of the chest wall muscles. The drawing on

the right shows a cross-section of the breast including the 

chest wall (ribs and muscle), fatty tissue, and the tumor.

Modified radical mastectomy. The dotted line shows where 

the entire breast and some lymph nodes are removed. Part of

the chest wall muscle may also be removed.


Breast-conserving surgery; drawing shows removal of 

the tumor and axillary lymph nodes.

Breast-conserving surgery. Dotted lines show the area 

containing the tumor that is removed and some of the 

lymph nodes that may be removed.


Cirugía para preservar la mama; el dibujo muestra la extirpación
del tumor y los ganglios linfáticos de la axila.

Cirugía para preservar la mama. Las líneas de puntos muestran
el área que contiene el tumor que se extirpa y algunos de los
ganglios linfáticos que se pueden extirpar.

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