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MedBr First to Know 12/14/2015

Medical Breakthroughs: First to Know

Letter from Ivanhoe's President

Holiday Movie List

     Although I am not a professional movie critic, I do love movies and would go to one almost every night so I like to know what to go see. In hopes that many of you feel the same way, here are my recommendations in priority order: Trumbo, Truth and Spotlight. The professional critics rate them in the opposite order so go to all three and then tell me what you think.
     Watch our Medical Headline Videos:
  •      Chiari Malformation is completely treatable and Neurosurgeon Dr Allen Kantrowitz at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach tells us exactly how.
  •      Inducing hyperthermia in the head protects heart patients during surgery. Dr Paul Pearson, MD, PhD, Cardiovascular Surgeon at NorthShore University HealthSystem in Chicago is one of the first to use a new “cooling cap” device.
  •      Eculizumab is a drug that is already approved for kidney disease and now it may be a CAPS game changer. Dr Robert Montgomery, MD, PhD, Chief of Transplantation at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore explains.
     Steven Weiniger, DC, Chiropractor and posture expert tells us all about “Tech Neck” that is becoming a common reason for neck and back pain. He has lots of advice but the best way to avoid it may be to just put down our phones.
     Dr Tripp Buckley, MD, General Surgeon and Surgical Director at Baylor, Scott and White Health in Round Rock, Texas talks about a new procedure for patients with GERD and we have the full length interview on our site this week.
     In case you missed them, you may want to check our past reports, Premium Content in Archives Premium Content in ArchivesFood Order Sheds Pounds Premium Content in ArchivesUsing Light to Treat Alzheimer's Disease. Premium Content in the Archives may be purchased for as little as $9 for 24-hour, unlimited access. If you would like to access Premium Content for the first time click here.
     Finally, Lori Brizee, MS, RDN at Central Oregon Nutrition Consultants in Bend explains the difference in good fats and bad fats in our report, “Not All Fats are Created Equal.”
And there's more where that came from...

Marjorie Bekaert Thomas
President, Ivanhoe Broadcast News
“A just society is one built not on fear or repression or vengeance or exclusion, but one built on love. Love for our families. Love for our neighbors. Love for the least among us. Love for those who look different or who worship differently. Love for those we don't even know.”
-- John Legend

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