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CDC Viral Hepatitis Updates - Updated Serology Training Videos

CDC Viral Hepatitis Updates

Viral Hepatitis Serology Training Videos
DVH has updated the serology online training videos for Hepatitis A virus (HAV) infection, Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection, Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, Hepatitis D virus (HDV) infection, and Hepatitis E virus (HEV) infection.  Comprised of five animated videos with voiceovers, the purpose of the training is to explain the serological diagnosis of HAV, acute and chronic HBV, acute and chronic HCV, and Hepatitis B and Hepatitis D (HBV/HDV) coinfection, understand the meanings of serologic markers, and understand and interpret serologic test results.

Coinfection with HIV and Viral Hepatitis
An estimated 1.2 million persons are living with HIV in the United States. Of people living with HIV in the United States, about 25 percent are coinfected with hepatitis C virus (HCV), and about 10 percent are coinfected with hepatitis B virus (HBV). People living with HIV infection are disproportionately affected by viral hepatitis, and those who are coinfected are at increased risk for serious, life-threatening complications. HIV coinfection more than triples the risk for liver disease, liver failure, and liver-related death from HCV. Because viral hepatitis infection is often serious in people living with HIV and may lead to liver damage more quickly, CDC recommends all persons at risk for HIV be vaccinated against hepatitis B and be tested for HBV and HCV infection.

Going Above and Beyond to Eliminate Hepatitis C in the Country of Georgia
Georgia is the first country to take on the challenge of completely eliminating Hepatitis C (HCV) – a serious viral infection – and they’re using a team of international disease detectives to find out how it’s spreading.

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