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World Asthma Day and Asthma Awareness Month

World Asthma Day and Asthma Awareness Month

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World Asthma Day and Asthma Awareness Month

Together we can help control asthma.
This World Asthma Day (May 6, 2014) and Asthma Awareness Month (May 2014) the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP) encourages you to discover how.
Doctor and family membersOne of the first steps—whether you have asthma or know someone who does—is to develop a written asthma action plan (AAP) in partnership with your healthcare provider. AAPs that meet the specific needs of a patient include details ranging from how to take medication to reduce airway inflammation, to ways to reduce environmental triggers of asthma such as dust mites or tobacco smoke.
But AAPs don’t stand alone. 
They are part of a comprehensive approach needed to improve asthma care and control. Like diabetes or high blood pressure, managing asthma symptoms requires daily attention and ongoing education.
An APP is just one of  the following six key actions, recommended by the NAEPP, that clinicians, patients, and all others who touch the life of someone with asthma can work together on to seize control of asthma so that asthma doesn't seize control of asthma patients.
It takes an entire community—people from all sectors—to help create the type of care and environments that will make it easier for the one in 12 Americans who has asthma to breathe more easily and live life more fully.
Join the NAEPP and its partners in working toward this goal in May and beyond, by using and sharing the resources in the box above.

Join the Asthma Awareness Twitter Chat

Join the NHLBI's Asthma Awareness Twitter Chatexternal link icon with U.S. News on May 14 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT. Follow the chat using the #AsthmaChatexternal link icon hashtag.

Join the "Get Asthma Aware" Thunderclap

Join the NHLBI's "Get Asthma Aware"external link icon Thunderclap by May 6 to pledge your voice to learning more about asthma. Thunderclap is an online action site where users can share the same message at the same time on social media.

Watch "Respirar es vida" ("A Breath of Life")

Watch the video "Respirar es vida" ("A Breath of Life") to learn how Jose's parents build up their asthma team. Jose, his parents, a doctor and a nurse, a promotora (community health educator), a teacher, a school nurse, and a coach join forces to help Jose control his asthma. The video is recorded in Spanish and captioned in English and Spanish.

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