sábado, 31 de mayo de 2014

Get ready during National Hurricane Preparedness Week

Get ready during National Hurricane Preparedness Week

Dept. of Health & Human Services

A statement from Dr. Nicole Lurie, assistant secretary for preparedness and response
History has taught us time and again just how dangerous and destructive hurricanes and other forces of nature can be. During National Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 25-31, we have the opportunity to ensure that our families and communities are healthy and prepared for this hurricane season.

 The first thing to do is exactly what many of us already do; getting the health care we need to stay healthy every day. People who are healthy before disasters are less likely to become ill or injured during the disaster, and are able to bounce back faster. And if you have health insurance, make sure you know how to use it to get care. This will help you now, and make you more self-reliant and resilient during a storm.

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