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CDC Web Updates: New Items Added to CDCs HIV Web site

CDC Web Updates: New Items Added to CDCs HIV Web site

e-HAP Web Updates: What's on the Web — Information from CDC's Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention

Several Items Recently Added to Website
Updated Surveillance Brief: Definitions, and Calculations Used in CDC HIV Surveillance Publications This fact sheet contains terms, definitions, and methods of calculation that are commonly applied to HIV surveillance data. Data on HIV infection in the current HIV Surveillance Report reflect the date of diagnosis of HIV infection—not the date of report to CDC.
Updated Fact Sheet: HIV Infection Among Asians in the United States and Dependent AreasDespite growth of the Asian population in the United States, the number of HIV diagnoses among Asians has remained stable and the rate of new infections has decreased. This fact sheets provides an overview of how HIV affects the Asian population in the U.S.
Updated Fact Sheet: HIV Among Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders in the United StatesGenerally, the effect of HIV infection on NHOPI is proportional to their US population size. However, certain data on diagnoses indicate a disproportionate impact in this population group relative to other races/ethnicities.
Updated Surveillance Brief: HIV Surveillance Supported by the Division of HIV/AIDS PreventionThis fact sheet contains information on the HIV surveillance systems that DHAP currently supports. The data inform and guide the critical decisions that ensure HIV prevention funds are directed to those populations most affected by the disease.

Additional Resources:
Act Against AIDS 
Visit CDC’s HIV/AIDS Web site.
Get information about personal risk, prevention, and testing.
CDC National HIV Testing Resources 
Text your ZIP code to KNOW IT or 566948. Locate an HIV testing site near you.
CDC National Prevention Information Network (NPIN)www.cdcnpin.org
Find CDC resources and technical assistance.
Locate resources on HIV and AIDS treatment and clinical trials.
Please contact us with questions, comments or other feedback about e-HAP

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