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CDC - Microbial Risk Assessment Guideline - Food Safety

CDC - Microbial Risk Assessment Guideline - Food Safety

Microbial Risk Assessment Guideline

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chaired an interagency work group that recently completed a microbial risk assessment guideline.  The goal of this document is to produce a more harmonized treatment of microbial risk assessment across participating federal agencies. Other Federal partners, including representatives from DFWED and DHCPP,  NCEZID were active participants and contributors to this effort.  The guideline entitled Microbial Risk Assessment Guideline: Pathogenic Microorganisms with Focus on Food and Water Adobe PDF file [PDF - 231 pages]External Web Site Iconaddresses the entire risk assessment process from an introduction to terminology and roles of the participants to planning the risk assessment, identifying and characterizing the hazard, assessing how the size of the outbreak may be affected by the dose (exposure assessment) or how the severity of the disease may be affected by the pathogen and its response within the human host (dose-response assessment).  The document describes the importance of addressing the routes of exposure, transport media, uncertainties, and assumptions for exposure and other components of the risk assessment paradigm when characterizing risk, and also provides information about microbial risk management and risk communication.

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