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CDC - CDC Vital Signs: Listeria and Salmonella - Food Safety

CDC - CDC Vital Signs: Listeria and Salmonella - Food Safety

CDC Vital Signs: Food Safety

CDC Vital Signs: Making Food Safer to Eat

CDC Vital Signs is a call to action each month concerning a single, important public health topic.  The program brings information to the general public, fusing CDC science, policy, and communication to produce a wide array of products, from an Early Release science article in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), to a consumer fact sheet and website, to a media release and social media tools.
Vital Signs: Food Safety 2013 Cover PageJune 2013's Vital Signs report focuses on foodborne illness, and Listeria. Many germs can be spread through food. Some, like Listeria, can be deadly. At least 90% of people who get Listeria infections are pregnant women and their newborns, people 65 or older, or people with weakened immune systems. Learn more about who has a higher risk of severe food poisoning and what can be done.

Vital Signs: Food Safety 2011 Cover PageJune 2011's Vital Signs report focuses on foodborne illness, and Salmonella.
Each year, 1 in 6 people in the US gets sick from eating contaminated food. The 1,000 or more reported outbreaks that happen each year reveal familiar culprits—Salmonella and other common germs. Learn what you can do to reduce contamination from the farm to the table.

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