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Prevention Status Reports Update

Prevention Status Reports Update

Prevention Status Reports

Two additional reports are now available on the 2013 Prevention Status Reports (PSRs) website:
  • The 2013 PSRs—National Summary [PDF-151KB] provides the percentage of states in each rating category per policy or practice.
  • The 2013 PSRs—State Reports provide, for each state and the District of Columbia, a complete set of materials in a single report format. Each State Report includes a summary of the state’s PSR ratings and the PSRs on all 10 health topics. These reports are available for download on the PSR state page.
The PSRs highlight the status of policies and practices designed to address 10 important health topics:
Excessive alcohol useMotor vehicle injuries
Food safetyNutrition, physical activity, and obesity
Healthcare-associated infectionsPrescription drug overdose
Heart disease and strokeTeen pregnancy
HIVTobacco use
Prevention Status Reports Update

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