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National Guideline Clearinghouse | Safe handling of cytotoxics.

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National Guideline Clearinghouse | Safe handling of cytotoxics.

Program in Evidence-based Care

Cancer Care Ontario (CCO)

National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC)

Guideline Title
Safe handling of cytotoxics.
Bibliographic Source(s)
Easty A, Coakley N, Cheng R, Cividino M, Savage P, Tozer R, White R, Safe Handling of Cytotoxics Expert Panel. Safe handling of cytotoxics. Toronto (ON): Cancer Care Ontario (CCO); 2013 Dec 16. 75 p. (Evidence-based series; no. 16-3).  [61 references]
Guideline Status
This is the current release of the guideline.
This guideline updates a previous version: Green E, Johnston M, Macartney G, Milliken D, Poirier S, Reynolds P, et al. Safe handling of parenteral cytotoxics. Toronto (ON): Cancer Care Ontario; 2007 Apr 13.
The EVIDENCE-BASED SERIES report, initially the full original Guideline, over time will expand to contain new information emerging from their reviewing and updating activities.
Please visit the Cancer Care Ontario Web site External Web Site Policy for details on any new evidence that has emerged and implications to the guidelines.

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