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We All Play a Role in Preventing Childhood Trauma | Features | CDC

We All Play a Role in Preventing Childhood Trauma | Features | CDC

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We All Play a Role in Preventing Childhood Trauma

Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences

Gain insight about how you can help create healthier childhoods and brighter futures for everyone.
Adverse Childhood Experiences —commonly known as ACEs—affect children and families across all communities. ACEs come in many forms, from abuse and neglect to household challenges (e.g., intimate partner violence, household substance abuse or parental separation or divorce). They can have long-term effects on health, wellness, and life opportunities.
However, ACEs are preventable.

Learn How to Stop ACEs Before They Start

Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences is an online training to help understand, recognize, and prevent ACEs from occurring in the first place.
Understand risk and protective factors, associated outcomes, and proven strategies that can be used to reduce or eliminate ACEs.
Topics include:
  • Brain Development and Toxic Stress
  • The ACE Study
  • Prevalence and Consequences of ACEs
  • Risk and Protective Factors
  • Essentials for Childhood: Assuring Safe, Stable, Nurturing Relationship and Environments
Take the training today and learn about proven strategies you can use to reduce or eliminate ACEs for all children.

Who is the Training for?

Preventing ACEs is intended for:
  • Public health practitioners
  • Medical professionals
  • Mental health professionals
Get strategies you can use to prevent ACEs and create healthier childhoods today and brighter futures for everyone tomorrow.

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