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Violence Prevention in Practice | Features | CDC

Violence Prevention in Practice | Features | CDC

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Violence Prevention in Practice

Violence Prevention in Practice - Take action to prevent violence today.

Learn how Violence Prevention in Practice can help you take action to prevent violence.

Violence Prevention in Practice

Violence Prevention in Practice (VPP) is a new online resource designed to help states and communities take action and carry out strategies that prevent violence from happening before it starts and to lessen a person’s or communities’ harm or risk for future violence.
Learn more about VPP and the best available evidence to build a strong foundation for your violence prevention efforts.

What the Resource Covers

VPP guides users through the process of planning, implementing, and evaluating strategies identified in CDC’s violence prevention technical packages. Technical packages include a select group of strategies based on the best available evidence to prevent or reduce public health problems such as violence. They work in combination to change norms, environments, and behaviors in ways that can reduce or eliminate violence in communities.
The guidance is organized in multiple sections that detail specific actions you can take to prevent violence. Those sections are:
  • Planning
  • Partnerships
  • Policy Efforts
  • Strategies and Approaches
  • Adaptation
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
Explore and learn more about the actions you can take today. You can also discover additional tools, tip sheets, success stories, and other resources here.

For Whom is Violence Prevention in Practice?

  • State and local health departments looking for implementation guidance for CDC’s technical packages to prevent violence
  • State and community organizations working to prevent violence
  • Violence prevention practitioners, researchers, and program developers

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